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Introduction to SEO

How's Your SEO and Web Presence?Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is fundamental to business success in the digital age that we currently occupy. If your business cannot be found online, people cannot purchase the products and services that you offer. SEO allows your products and services to be found by the people looking to purchase them.

Having a strong online presence is no longer something that can be placed on the back burner, or done as an afterthought. Successful businesses of all shapes and sizes are placing search engine optimization at the forefront of their marketing campaigns. Building a prosperous and rewarding business in today’s world without the proper attention being paid to your website and its availability is akin to economic suicide.

SEO Gives Your Business Credibility

Most people, whether they know it or not, are gathering more than scientific, quantifiable data when they run a search online. If the pages of your website are ranking consistently for a variety of search queries related to the products and services that your business offers, people are going to take note.

SEO Brings Targeted Traffic

It’s called “search” for a reason. People are looking for the products and services that your business offers. The question is, are the people who are searching for your products and services able to find your web pages? If they are, half your work is finished. Half, but not all.

Good SEO Produces Business Conversions

Once the user has clicked through to your web page via the search engines, the task in front of a good SEO changes. For most businesses, at this point the process of establishing credibility and producing increased business begins. Remember, people want to be doing business with other people that they know, like and trust. In order for the user to know and like you they have to initiate contact. And in order for them to initiate contact they have to be willing to take a risk – the risk that you are, quite possibly, the person or company that they want to do business with. This is where user experience (UX) comes into play.

Good user experience is a must for establishing trust with your web pages’ users. If your landing page looks like it was created in the 1990s the chances of the user trusting you and the information on the page go way down. This is the point at which the lines separating web site design, development, and SEO become a little blurry. Remember, effective SEO does more than bring users to your website; it brings targeted users to your website and converts them into paying clients. Is your end goal simply to get a high number of users to your site’s pages? Certainly not. What you want is to increase the volume of business that you are doing. Without a positive user experience, converting those new website visitors to paying clients is going to be an extremely difficult process.

Good Web Presence and SEO

Effective SEO Provides ROI

I used to think this goes without saying, but I’m finding more and more that it is worth emphasizing.

Good, effective SEO provides return on investment for the website owner. This means that if you, as the business owner, are paying $1,000 per month for SEO and digital marketing services, you need to be getting at least $1,000 in increased business just to be breaking even. The higher the number in increased business, the higher your ROI.

At Northern Colorado SEO, we focus on our clients’ ROI. Without that, we know that retaining them as clients is going to be next to impossible. When you succeed, we succeed.