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SEO Produces Increased Business

The ultimate result of digital marketing and SEO is increased business. If you are not making more money as a result of your digital marketing campaign, it is not something you should be doing.

Outdated websiteAre you looking for ways to produce increased business? If so, your web presence is a logical place to start. Building a website and leaving it unattended is a common practice among businesses and one that can be corrected with the end result being an increase in your overall business volume and revenue. If your website has been sitting for a while without much attention being paid to it, I highly recommend you have a free web site audit performed.

A free website audit can get the ball rolling on the discovery process of a digital marketing campaign. Are there broken links on your pages? Are your title tags optimized using the keywords you want to rank for? Does your business name, address, and phone number appear on all of your main pages? How is your loading speed? These are but a few of the elements indicating how you can improve your web presence and produce increased business.

Establish Your Web Presence

Most of us, whether we know it or not, have already established a web presence. So what is web presence? It’s really a conglomeration of web pages, social media profiles, blogs, microsites, and other information regarding your business which is available for public consumption via the internet. If your business name is on it and it’s available via the Web, it is part of your web presence.

If your web presence is not what you want it to be, or you are just starting out and really don’t have much in terms of online information, Northern Colorado SEO can help.

Start with Your Website

When it comes to creating increased business, I encourage my clients to start with the things that are relatively easy to control. This falls under the category of on page SEO and the pages you are most in control of are on your business web site.

Web Design by Northern Colorado SEO

Here are the questions you need to ask.

Is your current website reflecting to the world the image that you want your business to have? Are you or someone you employ actively managing the content on your web pages? If not, your web presence is most certainly not all that it could be.

If it’s been a while since you have updated your website, the code of your web pages may be outdated. Are you using a content management system, such as WordPress, that allows you to update the content on your existing pages and create new pages on a regular basis?

Updating your pages and potentially moving them into a format that does not require coding skills to modify can be a huge step in the right direction when it comes to improving your web presence. If you are updating on a regular basis, Google is going to notice and your search engine rankings are going to improve. Now you’re bringing in more business!

Social Media Signals

Allowing people that come to your website to share the content on social media platforms such as Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, and Facebook is almost always a strategy that is worth pursuing. Putting social media buttons on the bottom of pages allows users to share the information that your pages contain with others via social media and the search engines do take this into account when ranking pages.

Social Media for Increased Business

Encouraging people to follow you on social media, with links from your website, is another great way of expanding your zone of influence. If someone finds your web site and is interested in the information that you provide them, they are a contact that is worthy of your time. They probably will not decide to business with you the first time that they see your content, but if you stay in touch with them, the odds of doing business at a later date are dramatically increased.

Finally, when it comes to social media signals, are you posting fresh content via social media on a regular basis? Some business web site owners put links on their websites that don’t even work. Or they link to social media profiles that have been closed. Worst of all, some links show social media profiles that have not been updated in years. Nothing says “I really don’t care” more than a neglected social media profile. You don’t have to be posting new information every day, but doing it on a regular basis can go a very long way. Expert SEO tip: keep your social media profiles current.

Engage with Others

One of the best ways to get other local business owners to notice your business is to contribute and participate in their web presence. This can come in the form of a retweet on Twitter, a share on Facebook, a comment on a blog post, or setting up an in-person meeting with someone in your area. By engaging with people you are much more likely to create a favorable impression and be remembered.

Business Engagement for Increased Business

One of the key ingredients for a really strong web presence is interaction. Being an SEO, I have come across many people who still think it’s all about getting words on the page so that the search engines will rank you for your targeted keyword phrases. That’s old school SEO and it doesn’t really work any more. Don’t get me wrong, there is still a place for that, but it is not the end-all be-all. If you want to bring in more business, you have to offer something of value. Identifying what your potential clients find valuable requires engagement and interaction.

Not sure how to create and implement human engagement via the Web? Start to observe other small businesses that are successfully creating engagement with their business. What are they doing? What are they NOT doing? Be an observer and see if you can reverse-engineer some of the tactics and objectives they are using to successfully create, maintain, and modify their own web presence.

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