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Northern Colorado SEO is proud to offer our outstanding web services to the small businesses and entrepreneurs across the globe. Our services currently fall under two umbrellas:

Web Design and Development
SEO and Internet Marketing

Web Design and Development Services

Web design and development are the form and function of your web presence, the left-brain and the right-brain, the yin and the yang. They are essential to the success of your online marketing efforts. One cannot succeed without the other pulling its weight. There is a crucial balance here that most small business owners do not understand.

Brain Balance: Web Design and Development Diagram


Northern Colorado Web Design Services

Web design, simply stated, is the look and feel of your web site. It is the subjective, formal end of your Internet marketing campaign, and as such can tend to frustrate small business owners looking for results. What kind of user experience is the work that you have done being translated into?

  • Are your site’s pages giving the end user what he or she is looking for in order to make an informed decision regarding your business’s products and services?
  • Is the end user performing the actions that the site’s pages are intended to encourage?
  • What is the conversion rate of the average site user?
  • Is your conversion rate going up or down? Why?
  • How much of your conversion rate is due to the current look and feel of your web site’s design?

These are just a few of the questions that small business owners and entrepreneurs need to examine.

Would you like to build a new web presence? If so, the design of your web site is the first thing that will need to be examined. If you have an existing site that has not been changed in a while, that will be your first order of business. Where is your web site hosted and how do you access it? Can you make changes to your site when necessary? Would you like to have that ability?

Northern Colorado Web Development Services

Web development, on the other hand, is the communication of the web design work in a logical, scientific, and quantifiable way.

Northern Colorado Web Development Services

Many small business owners built their web sites under a different mindset than what is now necessary for successful internet promotion. The Internet is a dynamic, always-changing medium of information. The days of building a web site, having someone optimize it for keyword phrases x, y, and z, and then letting it sit out in cyber-space while bringing in new clients and customers, is over.

Have your business goals shifted in a substantial way since the creation of your current web site? If so, the chances are that there is web design and development work to be done.

Are you a new small business with a focus on selling your products and services via the web? Your internet presence is going to be your main focus.

SEO and Internet Marketing Services

While web design and web development services are very polarized in terms of form and function, SEO is much more integrated. Search engine optimization requires creative thinking as well as logical implementation. What keyword phrases are you currently not ranking for that you would like to be found under? How can we work those keyword phrases into the content of our site and track them on a scientific basis?

SEO Whole Brain Balance

This all comes back to the adage of “There’s more than one way to skin a cat.” What we think will help improve click through rates on a meta description tag and what actually DOES help conversions may be two different things. This goes back to our philosophy of web services. We plan, apply, assess, and refine on a continual basis.

While finding the best solution right off the bat would be great, this is not a practical reality. At Northern Colorado SEO, we use our subjective wisdom of what has worked for clients in the past to guide us in the present. We use the creative brain to craft solutions for new clients and then the tool of logic to assess the results.

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