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Fort Collins Aerial ViewMy name is Scott Allen and I have lived in Fort Collins, Colorado for the last fourteen years of my life.

Located just 60 miles north of Denver, Fort Collins is a highly educated and very entrepreneurial place to live. Needless to say, the demand for Fort Collins SEO and digital marketing services is very high.

At Northern Colorado SEO we offer affordable digital marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Market research, keyword research, on page SEO, off page SEO, business citation building, social media marketing, and Google My Business optimization are a few of the ingredients that go into producing successful Fort Collins SEO campaigns.

Fort Collins Demographics

One of the most beautiful aspects of living in Fort Collins is the intimacy that exists here.

I lived in Denver for almost ten years before moving to Fort Collins, and the difference is striking.

The official population of Fort Collins is over 160,000, but it feels like a small town. Most people cannot go out without running into someone they know. If you have not been here, I highly recommend you make the trip.

Fort Collins Demographics

Home to Colorado State University, Fort Collins has some rather drastic seasonal fluctuations in residency. Just before classes start in the fall, residents of Fort Collins notice a substantial increase in traffic throughout the city.

Stores and restaurants become more crowded as adjustments are made throughout the business community. With these demographics in place there are also some interesting business opportunities that accompany them.

Almost 40% of the population of Fort Collins is below 25 years of age with over 20% of them in the 18-24 age range. These college-aged people are no strangers to technology, so being found in the search engines is very important to Fort Collins businesses.

If you own a business here, a Fort Collins SEO campaign can pay huge dividends.

About Fort Collins

Fort Collins RecreationOutdoor enthusiasts come to the city of Fort Collins due to an abundance of natural recreation opportunities. Horsetooth Reservoir is located just west of the city, easily accessed by car or bicycle. Canoeing, fishing, boating, kayaking, and swimming are a few of the favorite activities at Horsetooth.

Other interesting Fort Collins facts
Fort Collins gets 300 days of sunshine a year
The Cache la Poudre river provides fun and recreation for Fort Collins residents
The Arts are a very popular form of leisure in Fort Collins
Drivers are nearly 30% less likely to be in an accident as compared to the national average
The Fort Collins Museum of Discovery details the history of the city from prehistoric times to present day

Fort Collins SEO Opportunities

Because there are so many small businesses in the city of Fort Collins, SEO opportunities are around every corner.

New businesses are always popping up in Fort Collins. Very often these business owners feel they do not have the time or money for SEO and digital marketing.

A lot of small businesses are running on a shoestring budget and believe they cannot afford to implement an SEO campaign. Nor, however, do they understand the amazing benefits.

Fort Collins SEO Benefits

The potential benefits of an SEO campaign in Fort Collins are very widespread. The following are just a few ways in which your business can benefit from our Fort Collins SEO services.

  1. SEO is inbound marketing, which means it is working literally while you sleep.
  2. Traditional marketing, or outbound marketing, pushes your products and services onto the consumer. Think billboards, tv advertisements, and print brochures.

    With SEO, your potential clients are searching for the solutions that your business provides. For this reason, inbound marketing practices such as SEO result in 54% more leads than their outbound marketing counterparts.

    Which leads to the next benefit of SEO…

  3. The targeted traffic you bring in via SEO is much more likely to convert to a sale.
  4. Remember, the visitors you bring to your website are searching for a solution to some problem they are experiencing. If you show them a solution to the problem they are searching for, the searcher’s natural inclination will be to take it.

    It is called search for a reason. Users coming to your website are searching for a solution.

    Another big benefit relates to credibility.

  5. SEO gives your business credibility.
  6. People inherently trust the search results, especially when they are coming from Google.

    When your business comes up number one for a particular keyword phrase, it gives you credibility.

    Even if the website visitor does not purchase from you, they are much more likely to remember you and return later to make a purchase.

    This brings us to another important benefit of a Fort Collins SEO campaign…

  7. SEO receives more clicks than pay per click (PPC) search marketing.
  8. Approximately 80% of search results that are clicked are organic results.

    People don’t want to be “sold” and for that reason many are reluctant to click on the sponsored search results.

  9. SEO is much more sustainable than PPC.
  10. When you are running a PPC campaign, as soon as you stop paying, the clicks stop coming.

    SEO, on the other hand, shows results that are sustained for a much longer time period.

    A well-written page that benefits the end user on the advantages of one product over another can bring in traffic months and even years after it was originally posted.

    This is called evergreen content and it works wonders when it comes to SEO.

  11. SEO will increase email subscribers.
  12. If you have an email newsletter you send out with a subscription link in the footer of your pages, SEO will indirectly help you bring in new subscribers.

    You are providing the users that visit your web pages outstanding content on a subject they are interested in.

    Think about it.

    If the user was not interested in the subject your website addresses, he would not be on your website.

    With that kind of cost/benefit, who wouldn’t sign up for a newsletter or other email list?

    And by the same token…

  13. SEO will bring in more social media followers.
  14. You have your social media icons on every page, right?

    All the user has to do is click one of them to be taken to your social media page.

    When she gets there she will find more great content on a subject she’s interested in.

    All she has to do is click the “follow” button. Simple.

    Another great benefit of a Fort Collins SEO campaign is…

  15. SEO will bring in great employees to your business.
  16. If you are looking for great talent, and let’s face it what growing business isn’t, SEO will attract the people you are searching for.

  17. SEO is wonderful when it comes to reporting and analytics.
  18. Because it is all based on quantifiable data, the numbers and statistics are at your beck and call.

    And last but certainly not least…

  19. A Fort Collins SEO campaign will result in increased business conversions.
  20. Bringing more targeted visitors to your web pages is naturally going to translate into more sales of your products and services. For most small businesses in the Fort Collins area this is the alpha and omega of a search campaign.