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Mike Hickmann, Suncoast RV Resort“We own multiple RV parks in Florida. We had websites for each property but until we hired Scott Allen at Northern Colorado SEO to take over our web presence we didn’t realize how powerful the websites could be in terms of generating new business. Scott gave each of our websites a full makeover both aesthetically and functionally. He took over design, hosting and optimization of all our sites. He was professional, accessible and timely. And best of all he handled it from A to Z at very fair and affordable prices. Once we launched the new websites, the hits increased exponentially and most importantly the number of new bookings and business increased dramatically as well. The only thing we regret about this decision is not making it sooner. I would strongly recommend to any small business that wants to improve their web presence and increase their profits to contact Scott immediately.”
— Mike H, Suncoast RV Resort

Ed Henn, Tetu Island Lodge Testimonial“We have worked with Scott off and on through out the years. One of the most thorough people I have ever worked with! Quick, intuitive to your individual needs! Absolute pleasure!”
— Ed H, Owner of Tetu Island Lodge

Paula Krueger, Fort Collins Illuminate Consulting“Scott engenders trust. In his capable hands, I felt confident in his expertise, calm in his gentle manner, and inspired about what we could create together. Scott met me exactly where I was at and despite the size of the task before us in creating a website, I never felt rushed or overwhelmed. Scott made use of my talents and compensated for what I lacked with his knowledge and skill in this field. I would recommend him to anyone!”
— Paula K, Fort Collins Illuminate Consulting

Matt Evans, The Matt Evans Team of Re/Max Pace Realty“Scott certainly excelled at marketing and communications project work at Fort Collins Real Estate and Keller Williams Realty. He’s great at graphic creative in a team setting in my experience. He is amenable to suggestions and will inject opinion as needed. He was a pleasure to work with over the years.”
– Matt E of The Matt E Team of Re/Max Pace Realty

Sean Dougherty, Fort Collins RE/MAX Alliance“Scott is quite adept at finding out what the request/need of the client is, and takes the time to make sure that his solutions match. His recommendations were right on track, and NFCBA is much better for those thoughts. He’s serious when needed, but can offer a little (very little) comic relief at times, too.”
— Sean D, Fort Collins RE/MAX Alliance

David Timm, CRS Broker Associate, Coldwell Banker“Scott is a natural internet marketing professional. He is great and businesses and ideas online. I highly recommend Scott.”
— David T, CRS Broker Associate, Coldwell Banker

Laura Westbrock, Southwest Correctional Medical Group“I’ve had the pleasure to have known Scott for over 16 years and he still amazes me with his open mindedness, work ethic, and humor. A few of his many strengths include his ability to define a clear and manageable scope of work in which he completes with thoroughness and conviction. Scott is always ready to listen and integrate his ideas and the customer’s into one unified and original end result. Any employer would be fortunate to have the opportunity to work with him.”
— Laura W, Southwest Correctional Medical Group