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About Northern Colorado SEO

Pianos Around Town, Fort Collins, ColoradoNorthern Colorado SEO is located in Fort Collins, Colorado. Right now it is a solopreneurship being run by me, Scott Allen. I am continuing to refine and expand the existing service offerings of Northern Colorado SEO in an effort to help my target market in the most efficient ways possible. My business and my life is about service to others.

About Scott

Scott Allen, owner of Northern Colorado SEOMy name is Scott Allen and I live in Fort Collins, Colorado. It’s hard for me to believe, but I have lived here for a little over fourteen years now. Seems like just yesterday that I moved from Milwaukee to start my new life in Colorado. After arriving in Fort Collins I worked for a technology company and started an SEO program for their clients before venturing off on my own. I am an entrepreneur at heart and love helping other entrepreneurs find success in the business world.

I got my Bachelor’s degree in 1998 from the Metropolitan State College of Denver in the field of Human Services. Ask anyone who knew me when I was growing up and they will tell you that I was always the one trying to help the little guy. Even today, my passion for helping people is one of my greatest strengths. I don’t know why, but helping people is something that has always given me the greatest satisfaction and fulfillment in life.

After receiving my Bachelor’s I went on to get an Associate’s Degree in multimedia technology in 2001 from Red Rocks Community College in Lakewood, Colorado. Needless to say, the web has evolved into something completely different in the 16 years since I graduated. While a lot has changed, I have never lost my passion for technology and the benefits that it provides.

About My Work

Right now my focus is on web development and search engine optimization. I have been doing both for a very long time, so I have a great perspective on where things are going.

When it comes to web development, I place a very strong emphasis on creating an outstanding user experience. Without that it is going to be difficult to convert visitors to your website into paying clients. This is what the web development that I do is all about. It is also what most of my clients want in terms of web site performance.


I use WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS) for building my clients’ websites. I like WordPress because it is open source, which allows for great flexibility and ease of use. Most of my clients do not have a hands-on approach to maintaining their websites, but for those who do WordPress is a great solution.

In addition to creating a great user experience through web development, I also love doing search engine optimization. I have been doing SEO for over 15 years now and it continues to enthrall me. Producing results for my clients in the search engines is one of the greatest rewards of running my business.

You can visit the web services page to gain greater detail about the work that I do for my clients. Please contact me if you have any questions about the work that I am currently doing.