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Off page SEOOff page SEO is the partner of on-page SEO. And while I often refer to on-page SEO as the low hanging fruit of SEO, off page SEO is a bit more complicated. That being said, it is not to be ignored or put on the back burner, at least not for long.

What is Off-Page SEO?

In a nutshell, off-page SEO refers to any optimization done in an effort to improve search rankings for a specific web page from outside the web site which contains the benefitting web page. Remember, search engines rank pages, which is why it’s not called “off-SITE SEO,” but for all intents and purposes it probably could be. Linking from one page to another within the same website is considered on page SEO; getting backlinks from sites outside of your control is a technique that is considered off page SEO.

Why is Off-Page SEO so important?

If you think about it, it makes sense. Anyone can optimize their own pages to the nth degree. And anyone can tell Google, in a variety of different ways, that it deserves to be ranked number one for a specified keyword phrase. In essence, that’s what on page SEO is all about. But how does Google discern between pages with perceived value to the end user and pages with a proven track record? Enter off-page SEO.

Backlinks for off page SEOOff page SEO can be thought of as endorsements of your pages’ content by other website owners. Backlinks from pages outside of your control that direct users from other web pages to your web pages are a big indicator of quality in the eyes of Google and search engines in general. How many backlinks does each of your pages have? And more importantly, what are the quality of those backlinks? Creating and encouraging backlink opportunities is a big part of off page SEO.